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Formula 1

F1 total red bull racing team

Development of the lubricants used by everyday vehicles is driven by motorsports.

TOTAL technology meets all the challenges involved in high-performance engines and leading-edge innovation. For all the researchers and engineers working on the Formula 1 program, Grand Prix racing provides an opportunity to develop and fine-tune new oils and special products.

Each year, the innovations developed for F1 racing help them and the researchers at Renault design the high-performance motor oils of the future. Just one of the benefits of state-of-the-art sport for production cars.

Formula 1 is the most demanding of all motorsports disciplines. It mobilizes the best specialists in all of our business lines, and generates considerable investment in Research and Development.

For decades, the lubricant and fuel industries have been partners in motorsports in general, and in Formula 1 racing in particular.

This year, TOTAL is :



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